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Drum chipper is a special equipment for producing wood chips. This product is widely used in particleboard factories, medium and high density fiberboard factories, straw factories, biomass power plants, wood chip factories and other industries and production companies. It is the preferred equipment before the material preparation stage.

The main materials for cutting are small-diameter wood, wood felling and processing residues (such as branches, twigs, board skin, lath, log core, waste veneer, etc.), and it can also be used to cut non-wood materials (such as sugar cane, reed, bamboo, etc.)

Types Of Automatic car washing machine

The drum chipper consists of a machine body, a knife roller, upper and lower feed rollers, a conveyor belt, a hydraulic system and other parts.

The machine body is welded with high-strength steel plates and is the supporting foundation of the entire machine. The knife roller is equipped with a flying knife, which is fixed to the knife roller by a flying knife bolt through a pressure block. According to the thickness of the cut material, the upper feed roller assembly can float up and down within the corresponding range with the help of a hydraulic system. The qualified flakes cut down fall through the screen holes and are discharged from the bottom. The large flakes will be cut inside the machine.

Automatic Car Washing Machine 101

Touchless car wash machine

The touchless automatic car washing machine adopts high-pressure contactless rotation technology to clean the car body in multiple aspects. Select the automatic mode for chassis cleaning, car washing spray, high-pressure washing and high-foam spray.

The touchless car washing machine has the functions of automatic tire washing, automatic foam washing, chassis washing, automatic waxing, strong wind drying, automatic drying, automatic polishing, etc. It is not only efficient but also time-saving. The machine is interactively operated with a bright LCD interface display. The interface display is attractive and scientific and technological, and has a fault self-detection function, which makes the maintenance of the car washing machine very easy and quick.

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Automatic Rollover Car Wash Machine

A rollover automatic car washing machine is a type of car wash equipment that is designed to wash vehicles automatically. It is called a “rollover” because the vehicle rolls over a set of brushes and sprayers to clean the exterior of the car.

It has three brushes: one horizontal brush and two vertical brushes. The horizontal roof brush follows the contour of the car, and the pressure of the brush is adjustable. The vertical brushes have a pneumatic pressure sensing system for washing the sides of the car. These brushes are made of soft foam, which is gentle on the car’s surface.

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Tunnel Car Washing Machine

The tunnel automatic car wash machine is a professional car washing equipment, which allows vehicles to pass through a long tunnel structure during the car washing process. Unlike traditional manual car washing or automatic car washing machines where a single vehicle enters, the tunnel type automatic car wash machine can efficiently handle a large number of vehicles.

The advantages of the tunnel automatic car wash machine include high efficiency and speed, suitable for large-scale vehicle processing, and saving labor costs. It is generally widely used in large automobile service centers, highway service areas, parking lots, car rental companies and other places where vehicles need to be washed frequently.

Features Of Automatic car washing machine

1. Automatic control: The operating system can control various components of the fully automatic computer car washing machine, such as water pumps, nozzles, conveyor belts, etc., so as to realize the automation of the entire car washing process.

2. Parameter adjustment: The operating system usually allows users to adjust various parameters of the car washing machine, such as washing time, water pressure, detergent usage, etc., through the control panel or other operation interface to adapt to different types of vehicles and washing needs.

3. Fault diagnosis: The operating system usually integrates fault diagnosis functions, which can monitor the operating status of the equipment and prompt users or maintenance personnel of faults to carry out timely repairs and maintenance.

4. Safety protection: The operating system will include safety protection devices such as emergency stop buttons and safety sensors to ensure that the equipment can be stopped quickly in an emergency to ensure the safety of users and vehicles.

5. Data recording: Some advanced operating systems may also have data recording and management functions, which can record the working status of the car washing machine, car washing records and other data for management and analysis.

In general, the operating system of the automatic car washing machine is the “brain” of the entire equipment, responsible for controlling the operation of the equipment, managing various parameters, and ensuring the safety and efficiency of the car washing process. With the advancement of technology, these operating systems are constantly being upgraded and improved to meet users’ growing demand for car washing.

touchless car wash 302

Advantages Of Automatic car washing machine

Time Saving: One of the biggest benefits of automatic car washes is that they save a lot of time and energy. Instead of spending hours washing your car manually, you can simply drive it into the machine and let it do all the work for you .

Convenience: Automatic car washes offer unparalleled convenience. With the push of a button, your vehicle can complete a full wash cycle in minutes, freeing up your time for other activities.

Consistent Cleaning Results: Automatic car washes provide consistent cleaning results, ensuring that every inch of your vehicle receives the same level of attention and care. This consistency improves cleanliness and overall appearance .

Reduced Labor Costs: For car wash businesses, automatic car washes help reduce labor costs because fewer employees are required to operate the equipment. This helps improve efficiency, allowing car wash businesses to serve more customers in less time .

Environmental Benefits: Many automatic car washes are equipped with water recycling systems and eco-friendly detergents, minimizing water usage and chemical runoff. This helps reduce their ecological footprint and promotes environmental sustainability .

Effective cleaning: Automatic car wash machines use a combination of high-pressure water jets, detergents, brushes and drying systems to remove dirt, grime and contaminants from the vehicle’s surface. This ensures a thorough and effective clean without damaging the vehicle’s paint.

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