Automatic Car Washing Machine 107

Touchless Automatic Car Wash Machine For Sale

  • Usage voltage/power:380V/11KW
  • Water pump :PINEL from Germany
  • AC contactor:Schneider from France
  • Air Switch : 80A air switch
  • Application :Automatic car wash machines have found widespread application in the automotive industry and are commonly used by car owners, car dealerships, gas stations, and car wash businesses. 
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Product Description

Automatic Car Washing Machine 202

An automatic touchless car wash machine is a type of car wash system that cleans vehicles without the use of brushes or physical contact. Instead, it relies on high-pressure water jets, specialized detergents, and advanced technology to remove dirt and grime from the vehicle’s surface

automatic car wash machine 201
automatic car wash machine 203
automatic car wash machine 202

Product Parameters

Product Name
Toucless Car wash Machine
3 years warranty for whole machine
Standard Machine Installation Size
Max. Car Size
Shampoo Consumption
10ml- 40ml/car
Foam Consumption
10ml- 40ml/car
Water Wax Consumption
10ml- 40ml/car
Water Consumption
Standard wash 94L/car, Fine wash120L /car
Electricity Consumption
Standard wash 0.52kwh/car, Fine wash 0.99kwh /car
Time Consumption
3-8min/car, 8 hours 100 cars, 6 kinds of car wash models can be DIY
Power Supply Requirements
AC380V/50Hz/3Ph/35KW, 12smm copper cable
Air Switch
80A air switch
Water Pump Motor Power
15KW/80Bar-100Bar working pressure
Fan Motor Power
4 pcs 4KW blowers total 16KW/ Pressure 7300pa/ Air flow 15300CBM/H
Longitudinal Motor Power
0.37KW digital drive motor
Transversal Motor Power
0.75KW digital drive motor
Rotary Motor Power
0.75KW digital drive motor
Chemical System
Central Processing Unit PLC
Drive System
Promise frequency digital drive
Detection System
Smathree-dimensional monitoring system
Sensing System
Ultrasound+ Absolutevalueofthedig talencoder
System language
English ,Chinese,Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic (Can be customized)

Benefits of Automatic Touchless Car Wash Machines:

  1. Gentle Cleaning: Since there is no physical contact with the vehicle, touchless car wash machines minimize the risk of scratches or damage to the paintwork .
  2. Versatility: Touchless car wash machines can effectively clean a wide range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs, regardless of their size or shape .
  3. Time Efficiency: These machines can complete the washing process quickly, allowing for a higher volume of vehicles to be cleaned in a shorter amount of time .
  4. Convenience: Touchless car wash machines offer a hassle-free experience for customers, as they do not need to exit their vehicles or worry about potential damage from brushes .

Washing Process

Washing Process 201
Cleaning of High-pressure Chassis
Dirt especially snow-melting agent stuck to chassis will lead to rusting of chassis without timely cleaning. Strong fan-shaped water is used to brush dirt on the chassis.
Energy-saving Smart rotating Spraying
Spraying of atomized free brushing car wash liquid with small independent mechanical arm will promote dirt cleaning efficiency with separation of car wash liquid in an energy-saving way.
Washing Process 202
Washing Process 203
Smart rotating Spraying of Maintenance Shampoo
Mechanical Arm makes evenly spraying to cover the car with maintenance shampoo foam atomized with special device to play its role in protection of paint surface.
Smart rotating High- pressure Brushing
Spraying mechanical arm makes all-round cleaning in an equal velocity, equal distance, equal pressure fan-shaped water medium polishing way, with 360-degree surrounding high-pressure untouched.
Washing Process 20301
Washing Process 204
Bright Colored Coating
Coating water covers the car’s paint surface with a layer of high molecular polymer that will turn into a solid protective film after mixing, which provides the car with a strong layer of protection paint to prevent it from damages like acid rain, pollution and ultraviolet rays.
Cleaning of High-pressure Chassis
Dirt especially snow-melting agent stuck to chassis will lead to rusting of chassis without timely cleaning. Strong fan-shaped water is used to brush dirt on the chassis.
Washing Process 201
Washing Process 205
Pressure Brushing Quick Drying System
Realize quick drying with high-pressure fan through oriented jet flow, low power, high wind speed and high pressure. Make the best combination between effect and energy consumption with sectional strengthening for the whole car body.
Smart Collision Prevention System
Car Blog Car Wash Machine is a smart car wash device which can wash cars on the premise of safety. Security protection is available in all kinds of emergencies to ensure clean wash and safe operation.
Washing Process 206
Washing Process 207
24-hour Fully Smart Unmanned System
This system is capable of finishing the whole car wash process with computer’s smart control in unmanned operation condition according to car wash procedure preset by customers.

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