rollover car wash machine 302

 Rollover Car Wash Machine For Sale

  • Rail Length:9500mm
  • Rail Width :3300mm
  • Moving Range (Length x Width):10000x3700mm
  • Air Pressure : 0.75~0.9 Mpa ; air flow rate ≥ 0.1m³/min
  • Application :Automatic car wash machines have found widespread application in the automotive industry and are commonly used by car owners, car dealerships, gas stations, and car wash businesses. 
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Product Description

rollover car wash machine 302

An automatic rollover car wash machine is a type of car wash system that is widely used around the world. It is a compact machine equipped with various washing and drying systems such as brushes, water jets, wheel-wash, and the application of cleaning products like shampoos, foams, or waxes. The machine interacts with the vehicle by moving back and forth in a number of passes based on the selected wash program until the vehicle is completely washed and dried

Product Parameters

Product Name
Automatic Rollover Car wash Machine
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)2600x3600x3000mm
Rail Length9500mm
Rail Width3300mm
Assembling Range (Length x Width x Height)10000x3700x3200mm
Moving Range (Length x Width)10000x3700mm
VoltageAC 380V / 50Hz (Three-Phases System)
Total Power15KW
Water SupplyDN25mm water flow rate ≥ 80L/min
Air Pressure0.75~0.9 Mpa ; air flow rate ≥ 0.1m³/min
Ground FlatnessDeviation ≤ 10mm
Applicable VehiclesSedan/jeep/minibus within 10 seats
Applicable Car Dimension (Length x Width x Height)5200x2100x2100mm
Car Wash Capacity15-20 cars/h
Water/Electricity Consumption72L/car, 0.31KW/car
Shampoo/Wax Consumption7ml/car, 12ml/car
Vehicle Chassis WashingAvailable
Water Recycling SystemAvailable

Benefits of Automatic Rollover Car Wash Machine

  1. Compact and versatile: Rollover car wash machines are compact in size, allowing them to be installed in areas with limited space. Despite their size, they are highly effective in cleaning vehicles over a minimum surface area.
  2. User-friendly: Users simply drive their vehicle into the wash bay, turn off the engine, engage the handbrake, and let the machine do the rest. The wash process is automated, reducing the need for user interaction.
  3. Various washing and drying systems: Rollover car wash machines are equipped with a range of washing and drying systems, including brushes, water jets, wheel-wash, and application of cleaning products. This ensures a thorough and efficient cleaning process.
  4. Environmentally-friendly: Automatic car wash systems, including rollover machines, use significantly less water compared to washing a car at home with a hose. They also incorporate water recycling and treatment systems, which not only reuse water but also eliminate oils and waste generated during the wash process before disposal .

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