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What is an automatic car wash machine?

Fully automatic car wash machines are also called automatic car wash machines, computer automatic car wash machines or smart car wash machines. They use software systems, sensors, cameras, etc. to achieve automatic cleaning, waxing, air drying, etc.

Automatic car wash machines are highly automated equipment that can quickly and efficiently clean the surface of the car. It usually includes the following parts: vehicle identification system, car wash liquid sprayer, brush or sponge cleaning tool, water washing system and drying system.

Types of Automatic Car Wash Machine 

Touchless Automatic Car Wash Machine

A touchless automatic car wash machine is a type of car wash equipment that uses high-pressure water jets and specialized cleaning agents to clean vehicles without the need for physical contact. This type of car wash is popular because it reduces the risk of scratches or damage to the vehicle’s paintwork that can occur with traditional brush or cloth-based car wash systems.

Features of Touchless Automatic Car Wash Machine

1. Intelligent spraying of high-foaming shampoo

It can form a multi-layer interactive strong protective film on the surface of the car, which not only makes the car paint more gorgeous, but also protects the car paint for a long time.

2. Intelligent rotary spray car wash liquid

The intelligent rotary arm sprays water and various car wash liquids, and various car wash liquids are turned into mist, and evenly sprayed to cover various parts of the car body to play a lot of roles and give full play to its decontamination effect. This spraying method is much less than a typical car wash machine, but it provides a better cleaning effect.

3. Automatic discharge system of washing arm

The automatic discharge system of washing arm prevents liquid from being trapped in the cleaning arm, so that the fully automatic non-contact car washing machine can be used normally in a low-temperature and cold environment. The temperature is not limited by severe winter temperatures, seasons and geographical conditions.

4. High-speed air drying of the whole car

The built-in high-speed air drying system, due to the complex fluid design and streamlined annular air outlet, greatly reduces the wind pressure loss and converges to a long-distance high-pressure airflow, directly reaching the surface of the car body and playing a fast air drying role. It can not only quickly dry the water on the surface of the car body of the fully automatic non-contact car washing machine, but also greatly reduce energy consumption. It can also allow customers to enjoy the car washing process and reduce the operating cost of car washing.

5. Intelligent rotation high-pressure washing

The rotating arm can linearly follow the contour of the car body and adopts 360-degree rotation washing with equal speed, pressure and distance. The car body can be washed at a large angle and blind spots can be removed. The resistance-free KBK slide rail design, light and smooth operation control can save more than 49.99% of water and more than 60% of power.

6. Soft water crystal coating wax

A layer of polymer polymer can be formed on the surface of the car paint. It becomes a hard protective film after merging with soft water. Stronger car protection paint protection, acid rain protection, pollution protection, UV protection.

Brush Automatic Car Wash Machine

Brush-type automatic car washers are divided into two categories according to the different moving bodies: reciprocating car washers and tunnel car washers.

When the car rubs against the air during driving, a lot of dust will adhere to the paint surface, and a thin film will form over time, which will cause continuous damage to the paint. This film is difficult to wash off with high-pressure water, and only car washers with brushes can evenly wash the film.

Nowadays, brushes are all high-composite materials, and the damage to the car paint can be basically ignored, because even manual car washing involves the friction between the tiny hard particles of the towel and the paint body of the car.

Controller used by fully automatic car washers: PLC technology is generally used in domestic car washers, and single-chip microcomputer technology is used in imported car washers. At present, there are different views on these two technologies. PLC basically relies on current sensing technology and brushes to sense the shape of the car body; single-chip microcomputer technology relies on computer photoelectric sensors and car washing machine sweeping radars, and the safety performance is relatively high.

① Tunnel car washing machine

The installation length is required to be about 26, which is relatively more suitable for places with a large daily car washing volume such as gas stations, open-air places, and residential areas. At the same time, the economic benefits it brings are also significant, because the car washing speed is generally 1.5-3min/unit, and 2-3 cars can be washed at the same time, which greatly speeds up the work efficiency, and the driver does not need to wait for a long time. The queuing time can give customers a better consumer experience.

② Reciprocating car washing machine

The installation length is generally about 10-12 meters, which is more suitable for installation and use in relatively small places such as individual car beauty shops and small gas stations. The car washing speed is 2-4 minutes/unit, and only one car can be washed at a time. This type of machine has relatively high requirements for the frame (the general error cannot be greater than 2mm), because the walking route needs to be level when the machine is running, so the manufacturer’s production process is very strict.

From a comprehensive analysis, in addition to the economic benefits of the machine itself, investing in the installation of an automatic car washing machine can sell more peripheral products as the passenger flow gradually increases. For example, gas stations can sell more oil, and car beauty shops can also sell more auto parts and related beauty services.

Benefits of Using Automatic Car Wash Machines

1. High car washing efficiency. It only takes 3 to 5 minutes for a fully automatic car washing machine to wash a car, and it can clean the car body in all directions without dead corners. At the same time, it also has a water wax coating function, which adds a layer of protective film to the car body, making the car body brighter and glossy. For car owners who are in a hurry or don’t like to queue up to wash their cars, fully automatic car washing machines are definitely a good choice.

2. Save water and electricity, and low car washing cost. Many people think that fully automatic car washing machines will consume a lot of water and electricity to wash a car once. In fact, this view is wrong. Fully automatic car washing machines consume less than one kilowatt-hour of electricity to wash a car once, and use about 100 liters of water. The amount of water can also be adjusted. In total, the cost of washing a car is only two or three yuan.

3. High consistency of car washing. The car washing modes of fully automatic car washing machines are all programmed, and you can choose any one of the car washing modes before washing the car. No matter which mode is used, the car washed is very clean, whether it is the body or the wheels, it can be washed cleanly, which is completely unlike manual car washing. Some people wash their cars more cleanly, while others wash them more carelessly. The surface looks very clean, but it is still a little dirty when you look closely.

4. Low failure rate and guaranteed after-sales service. The accessories used in the fully automatic car washing machines with normal market prices are generally well-known brands. If you are not sure, you can go to the manufacturer for an on-site inspection. In general, manufacturers will provide corresponding after-sales service. Even if the machine breaks down, you can contact the manufacturer at any time to solve it.

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