For the past few years, there have been many revolutions in the CNC panel saw machine. The revolution has allowed manufacturers to work with various kinds of woods, matching, creating cutting, and dimensional tasks. The CNC wood panel saw has revolutionized the way that manufacturers have worked with different types of woods, creating cutting, matching, and dimensional jobs. A professional can cut a finished piece from most types of woods, while it may take one person-years to learn how to do a basic woodworking project.

CNC wood panel saws work by precisely controlled movement within the sawing process. Cutting time is measured in seconds and there are no worries about making mistakes or being too rough when starting out. Wood panels can be cut as close as about 0.015 inches. These precise movements combined with saw carriage or stationary grips allow for accuracy and ease of use that other kinds of saws can’t match.

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About CNC Panel Saw

What Is A CNC Panel Saw?

CNC panel saw machine is a fully automatic cutting tool that provides quantity production of panel cutting for manufacturing furniture. With its computer control system and LED screen, the machine can be linked with production data software for directly entering the production data.

CNC Panel Saw Machine general work under controlled movements in the sawing process through which they work under much preciseness of close to about 0.015 inches. Its cutting time is also measured in seconds hence enhancing the preciseness of the machine.

Accuracy on work done is enhanced by the use of the precise movements together with the saw carriage or the stationary grips. They also go a long way in making it easy to use than other saws can. If you are not a professional in using panel saws, you should never be worried. Some CNC Panel Saw Machine contain an automated stop functions which enhance smooth transitions. However, most professional don’t need this feature.

Advantages of CNC Panel Saw

1.High precision and high speed

As the living standard improved ,people’s requirements are higher and higher, it requires the manufacturers to produce high quality furniture ,so furniture manufacturers need more advanced machinery in production, the manual labor cant meet the requirements now.

CNC panel saw machine with very high precision and high speed in cutting function, it makes cutting profile more smooth and perfect, it makes sure the edge banding effects and laminate foil or film effects better.

The high speed function makes CNC panel saw machine is high efficiency, compared with manual saw ,it equals to working capacity of about 10 sets manual sliding table saw machine.It makes CNC panel saw more economic and save labor cost.


Compared with manual panel saw machine, CNC panel saw machine is more safe. Manual panel saw is dangerous for worker in operation, it is easy to hurt workers’ finger or hand during daily work, but CNC panel saw machine is safe, it is CNC controlled and frequency speed controlled, no need manual to slide the material one time by one time. One Japanese told us that why we select CNC panel saw machine to cut material ,the most important reason is that CNC machine is safe for operating. In Japan, the protection is important, if your workers are hurt in production ,Japanese government will regards it as a very serious accident,you will be serious punishment and large fines, so safe is very important for them ,same as many European countries.

3.For companies that produce a high volume of panels, the most important benefits are excellent repeatability across large production runs , when the saw has a large table, the ability to produce panels at a high rate of speed. If you are choosing between a manual panel saw and a CNC model, you should also consider the other benefits of CNC machinery:

  • Removes the operator from the vicinity of the cutting mechanism
  • Eliminates waste pieces that result from human error
  • Requires less training time than manual machinery
  • Has a higher resale value than manual machinery
  • A single operator can potentially manage two or more machines at once

Application of CNC Panel Saw

CNC panel saw is used to cut many kinds of material, not only same as manual panel saw machine cuts plywood ,MDF ,chipboard etc. wood material ,but also MMPA, Aluminum, Plastic ,PS board and PC board.

CNC panel saw machines can perform anything from level and straight cuts to narrow and deep digs and can create very complex details without needing too much power or effort. These machines are mostly used in woodworking shops, house projects, and big manufacturing facilities.

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